BalloonAA Skytubes and Balloon Products

Invest in BalloonAA Advertising Skytubes and Balloon Products

For any products and services, you need colorful and effective advertising to attract buyers to your premises and make them aware of your business's existence. Our skytubes, various styles of balloon characters, and beach flags can all provide your business with larger-than-life advertising that can be easily seen by passers-by. They are just the thing to draw attention to your facilities or notify potential customers of a sale in progress

Browse through our wide selection of colorful die-cut balloons, balloon arches, inflatable arches, air dancers, sky tubes, beach flags, and wishbone flags.

Our lighted balloons are perfect for advertising your business at night. We also have an array of floating hanging and helium balloons that are certain to catch the eye of potential customers when positioned anywhere on your company’s premises.


With our colorful and heavy-duty skytubes, advertise your products and services to everyone passing by your premises, whether it's raining or the sun is shining. Besides catching the eyes of the public, these 100% waterproof tubes are perfect for displaying your company's message or logo and drawing attention to any event you have going on at your company's premises.

Skytube advertising is the perfect advertising for business grand openings, real estate property open houses, car dealerships, and special corporate events.

The constant movement and brilliant colors of these tubes catches the eye of passers-by on the street and attracts customers to your kiosk or stall in a crowded marketplace.



To learn more about what BalloonAA can offer for your brand’s advertising needs, contact us online or drop by our Bangkok headquarters and take a look at our entire line of advertising products.

Sky tube +Digital screen

Sky Tube fabric is a 100% waterproof polyester fabric that we choose to use the highest grade fabric to prevent damage to the motor that may be caused by rain droplets when used outside the building.

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Sky Tube High Gloss PU Coating

Hi-Glossy paint Sky Tube fabric with beautiful, shiny, durable and special PU coating that BalloonAA's unique formula makes the paint to UV-resistant by more 3 times, and protect the Sky Tube Machine during the rainy season as well.

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