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Beach Flag Tear drop Flag and Others

Few decorative items are as versatile as beach flags. From a single anchor point, they can present a large area on which to display logos, names and dates of events, directional signage and much more. They can be used both indoors and outdoors in the strongest of winds and still display their messages boldly.

Beach flags got their start on the beaches of the world as functional signs used in high winds for events on the beach such as surfing contests, beach parties, and beachfront bars and restaurants. From there, advertisers started seeing the value of these rugged structures as both short-term and long-term advertising signs that could be counted on to hold up in any type of weather conditions.
These days, the flags are seen everywhere that advertisers and event organizers need to get the attention of customers and event-goers. Their unique ability to present a unified direction, depending on the direction of the wind, have made them favorites of outdoor event designers and organizers.


BalloonAA has made beach flags a popular and much-desired part of their party and event decorative inventory. We offer flags that are constructed out of a rugged carbon material for the masts, with a tough, yet flexible polyester sail material that is treated with BalloonAA’s special chemical treatment to prevent fading from the effects of ultra-violet rays.
This flexible material can be printed in a rainbow of colors, with graphic designs of all types able to be added to the material as well.


The beach flag or wing flag is a curved flag. It looks outstanding, rippling and swaying in the wind. Produced from a carbon composite material which is tough and durable, these flags are difficult to break, so they are the perfect application to use in events with heavy foot traffic or near roads. They use only the best in high-gloss paint to provide a durable finish. Our flag is a unique 3 in 1 model that can utilize a variety of fabrics and styles depending on the use.
These flags are used by event organizers and advertisers in many different applications. For large events, they are used to display directional signage as well as corporate sponsor logos and messages. By lining them up along an intended pathway, they can direct foot traffic towards exits or kiosks and stalls.
For indoor events with large crowds, their ability to stand tall above the heads of the crowd mean they can provide landmarks or advertising for booths at expositions.
Beach Flags also can serve as stage backdrops. Their cloth sails mean they be can be used with dramatic stage lighting to display logos and messages in photo opportunities.


Beach flags are hands-off, trouble-free methods of spreading the word about your corporate message or event information. They are also great-looking decorative items for any indoor or outdoor event.
To learn more about the curved, tear-drop and square flags that BalloonAA has available, contact us online or visit our headquarters in Bangkok at your earliest convenience.

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